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The AAT Access Award in Accounting Software would be a good choice for you, if:

  •    You wanted to take your first steps towards a career in bookkeeping but you're unsure where to begin
  •    You’re in an administration role and would like to refresh your current skills or build upon your current knowledge in bookkeeping
  •    You have little to no previous bookkeeping experience and would like to study an entry-level bookkeeping qualification
As all our courses are delivered via an eLearning platform, we recommend:
  •    You're at least 16 years old (or have the consent of a parent or guardian)
  •    You have a solid understanding of the English language
  •    You’re comfortable with basic mathematics
  •    You have access to a PC or Laptop. This course is both Mac and Windows compatible, however, the Sage software is not compatible with Apple Macs (unless Boot Camp is installed)

Course Content

Course Overview
The Access Award in Accounting Software course introduces key features of accounting software, as well as the risks and benefits it brings. Learning outcomes include being able to:

  •    Produce reports using accounting software
  •    Setup accounts within the software
  •    Record bank and cash transactions
  •    Understand the benefits of accounting using software
  •    Understand the risks of accounting using software
AAT Course Modules 
  •    The benefits and risks of using accounting software
  •    How to set up accounts within the software package
  •    How to record bank & cash transactions
  •    How to produce reports using accounting software
Key features
Delivery Method: Online
Exam: Available via Awarding Body
Mock Exams Included
Tutor Support Included
Course Access: 6 months
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