It pays to recruit a young apprentice

Apply for a grant and receive:

£1,000 ‘Recruit’ Incentive Grant to support a non-levy business supporting a new Apprentice aged 16-24.


£1,000 ‘Retain’ Recognition Grant to support a non-levy business offering new employment to an existing, redundant apprentice aged 16-24 to complete their Apprenticeship.

Grant funds can be used towards the purchase of equipment required by the apprentice to complete their Apprenticeship, travel expenses for the apprentice or on-boarding recruitment and operational costs.

What else is available?

A collection of online resources created to support you with employing an Apprentice for the first time. You will benefit from tips and ideas, frequently asked questions and practical guidance – all from existing, local Apprenticeship ambassadors to help you add real value to your organisation.

Terms and conditions apply. Please contact our apprenticeship team on 0800 085 8860 for further information.